Goodbye Jacob

LOL… glad this ass hate was kicked off.  He and his Jew-fro were annoying.  Dude thought he was some sort of Survivor mastermind but everyone saw through him and his cheesy fake idol.  How foolish he must have felt being sent home with an idol in his pocket.  Ugh… that has to sting.

That jackass jock had a point, though.  No super fan is going to “forget” the official Survivor letter on the other island saying you have immunity.  Everyone saw right through his charade.

Survivor Ghost Island

What can I say?  I love the show, Survivor.  I’m excited it’s back on.  This season looks pretty interesting.  There’s definitely some douche bags in the crowd along with some hot pieces of ass.  I hope they keep some of the hot cooze around for a while because I like scoping their tits.  Case in point, that black chick with the yellow hair.  She’s walking around with a serious case of fun bags.

The first episode was 2 hours long.  I’ve only watched the first half so far.  I thought, for sure, that Kentucky dude was going home but glad that Puerto Rican cunt was sent packing first.  Oh man she never saw it coming!!!  Goodbye Gonzalez.  You are a bitch, but you’re hot… I’ll give you that 🙂

Damn Ivy Bleu!

Picture Courtesy : IVY BLEU

What a great fucking day!!!  I watched Ivy Bleu take some new cell phone selfies for her website.  Then, I filmed this little ass tease video of her.  Let me tell you, stockings and heels are my kryptonite.  Basically, I love when girls dress like hookers in the bedroom.  That shit just turns me on!

After we were finished with pics and videos, I brought her down tot he fuck room, bent her over and fucked her until I blew a load inside her cunt.  Damn, she’s got some good pussy!

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